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BIRDS and CHIMNEYS. Why a chimney cowl could save more than one life.

Posted by on 15 March, 2022 at 20:05

Many species of bird like chimneys. In the winter time or on colder days, the birds enjoy the warmth they supply as households stoke up a log fire or turn on their gas fire. Gathering on the rooftop or perching on the chimney brim.

Come Spring and Summer, birds like the perfect sized, ready made support structure...perfect to build a nest all other birds would be jealous of.

A roof and chimney area is teaming with warmth loving beetles and bugs...a great place for a bird buffet!


The chimney is a potential death trap...

and not just for birds...

A chimney without a cowl can be deadly. Birds fall down them, with causes being high winds, squabbles and fighting, unstable nests, illness or injury. Some adults will even try to fly down chimneys in order to still try and feed fallen young, who then themselves become trapped.

Thousands die a slow painful death, often from starvation or scorching ��

A lucky few get saved ��

However, what about you??

You're not safe, no, no!

Do you have an undamaged cowl? Relax, you're reasonably safe (remember to sweep) ��

You don't have a cowl? You're in danger.

The next time you light a fire, consider the amount of ignitable debris that could be in your chimney...straw, hay, feathers, moss, twigs, and gases from accumulating bird poop �� A great concoction for something greater than just a nice warm glow in your lounge!! This debris could easily accumulate after the chimney has been swept.

Smell? The accumulation of bird droppings, carcasses, rotting left overs from the carrion crow's last 200 meals?! �� Yuk!

and if that isn't enough to make you think about having cowls installed...

A nesting bird atop your chimney will block the opening, preventing poisonous Carbon Monoxide gas from escaping into the atmosphere and instead sending it on a disasterous course, back into your living quarters. Slowly poisoning you without you even knowing.


Keep protected and 'Cover up'

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