IOW Wild Bird Rehabilitation. 
Mr 'Wally' AWOL & Friends

Founder Kay Ounsworth has lived on the IOW all her life and has a long-term interest in the care and rehabilitation of wild birds and in understanding the various hazards and issues that affect different species.

She has forged a close working relationship with many vets on the Island, including the foremost specialist in avian and wildlife medicine and this allows for any birds requiring veterinary attention to be treated to the highest standards, including provision of blood tests, x-rays and surgery when needed.

Kay has developed excellent nursing skills and is able to provide all of the on-going aftercare, whether that be cleaning and healing wounds or splinting and stabilizing fractures. She also has extensive knowledge and experience of hand-rearing orphaned and abandoned nestlings, which is a critical skill in the busy spring and summer months. 

Kay is assisted by her colleagues Anthony, Donna and Tam on site, who help with cleaning and feeding, and a small team of caring volunteers, who help with driving duties and fundraising. Other volunteers are involved in siting ‘soft’ release aviaries on their own land, which are used to provide a managed release for young or displaced birds when their time in care is at an end.

IOW Wild Bird Rehabilitation is dedicated to care and rehabilitation of all species of birds commonly found in our gardens and woodlands and surrounding waters including pigeons, corvids, songbirds, sea birds and waterfowl, Birds of prey and migratory species. Some bird species and wild mammals can be helped by alerting and working with Island and mainland UK based rescues who specialize in these species.

We also contribute to wildlife forums and discussion groups, both UK and globally, where we work with others to find solutions to medical and care problems and to promote kindness, compassion and respect for all wildlife. We hope you will feel inspired to support our work and to join us on our mission to provide a safe haven for birds in crisis here on the beautiful isle of Wight. Thank you,